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Just north of Durango, nestled in the Animas River Valley in between bands of striking red cliffs, we have a vision for a new way of living.  Here ranchers and farmers are creating a new relationship with the soil. Grass fed cows and sheep eat from a pasture, not a diet of grains and supplements for weight gain. Organic farmers offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs while maintaining a healthy and attentive relationship with the land. Ranchers and farmers work together to create a shared vision of healthy food, quality soil, and living in harmony with each other.  

At Red Cliffs Ranch, we believe river valleys are naturally conducive to growing food more efficiently than any other landscape and should be used for this purpose. And the food we do grow is a direct result of our success with, and commitment to, sustainable farming practices. Without the use of fertilizer or outside soil amendments of any kind, we’ve been able to improve our soil with proper irrigation, manual weeding, composting, and the rotational grazing of livestock on grass pastures. We feel this combination of effective farming practices will provide years of healthy crops due to the nutrient-rich soil in which they grow.

Check us out and be a part of the shift in how we live and what we eat.  We have a new Farmstand Farmers Market located on the side of the road at 8345 CR 250, Durango, CO.  Come enjoy Certified Organic fresh produce and pasture raised beef and lamb. 



Red Cliffs Ranch and Fields to Plate Produce have come together to bring you the best farm to table food you can find!  Come visit us at the Farmstand Farmers Market.





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