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The Farm Stand


We Came Together To Create A Community Farm Stand.

Now you can get Red Cliffs Ranch Meats and Fields To Plate Produce in one convenient, scenic stop. Come see us down County Road 250. 


Local Flowers

Fresh Meats



8257 County Rd 250, Durango, CO

2nd left past the Bar-D Chuckwagon

Closed for Winter
Lamb and beef available 365 days a year
Just call David at


The People

Farmers and Ranchers coming together to create a vision of community.


The Animals

Pasture raised beef and lamb.  Happy animals equals healthy meats.


The Land

Creating a harmonious and sustainable relationship with the soil.

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The Feasting

The best local certified organic produce and pasture raised meats at your local Farm Stand.

A Perfect Marriage

Fields to Plate grows vegetables and Red Cliffs Ranch grows grass.  We are a perfect marriage, because, the bottom line is about building soil, both for the growth of vegetables, and grass, but also for the environment.  In order to grow healthy vegetables and grass you must first have healthy nutrient rich soil.  Water and sun alone won’t be enough.  There are only two options to enrich soil.  The most common is to buy chemical or natural fertilizer that will be trucked from hundreds if not thousands of miles away and then spread onto the soil.  This fertilizer will not be native to the soil and therefore will have some impact on the biosphere of the soil.  The second option is to graze animals on the grass, which will improve the soil by the stimulation of hooves and the defecation of the animals. 


We must have the animals rotating on the ranch to continually grow grass and vegetables in the same soil, without importing fertilizer of any kind.  So Fields to Plate, Red Cliffs Ranch, the soil, and the grazing animals need each other.  There is no other way.

Certified Organic Vegetables


Why Choose Organic?

Fewer pesticides and heavy metals in organic fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Conventional crops can be sprayed with herbicides such as Round Up (Glyphosate) which has been linked to kidney diseases, breast cancer, and birth defects.  According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT, glyphosate is largely responsible for the escalating incidence of autoimmune and other neurological disorders that we are experiencing. 


Conventional crops can also be grown using pesticides that are linked to lymphoma and leukemia. Recently Time Magazine published an article stating, The insecticide chlorpyrifos has been associated with developmental delays in infants, and studies have also suggested that pesticide residues—at levels commonly found in the urine of kids in the U.S.—may contribute to ADHD prevalence; they’ve also been linked to reduced sperm quality in men. Organic crops use natural pesticides that leave very low levels of pesticide residue, thereby significantly reducing your exposure to these harmful substances. Read More

No sewage sludge used to fertilize crops!

This toxic waste sludge can contain heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and dioxins and can be absorbed into the crops we eat. They have also proven deadly to the cattle who craze on them.

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